Garlic Pesticide 

Nowadays, using natural pesticides which are environment friendly is highly encouraged. One of these natural pesticides is garlic. Its strong odor repels many crop pests. To prevent pest from going near the main crop, plant garlic as intercrop throughout the area at a distance of about 4 – 5 feet or plant them as borders of your garden or field.

Garlic can also be used in a spray against pests. Here’s a simple way to make a garlic spray.

1.Crush a handful of garlic cloves;

2.Add one-half (1/2) liter of boiling water to the crushed garlic and let it stay for a day;

3.After one day, strain the mixture using a cloth or a fine sieve;

4.Add four liters of soapy water;

5.Spray the affected plants early in the morning.


If the pest does not repel, spray again in three days. The make the spray even more effective, variation of garlic spray can be done like adding two or three hot peppers or a couple of onions in the spray solution.

In the absence of a sprayer, garlic can also be applied as powder. Dry he garlic cloves them crush them. After morning dew had dried, dust or brush the powder on the plants. To keep out pests in your storage area, dry and crush garlic leaves. Add some ashes and scatter the mixture in the area.

Source: PCARRD Farm News, 1991

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